Other Services

At Professional Business Services, Inc., we focus on serving the various accounting and business needs of our diverse clientele. We believe that, with careful planning, you can overcome any financial obstacle. Our experienced and versatile staff can help you to assess your financial needs and face any challenge life brings. We can help you to achieve your goals.

Cloud-Based Secure Portal

We offer a cloud-based secure portal that allows you to upload your documents securely and we can send you documents securely. There is a small annual fee associated with this service. For an additional fee, you can store your important documents (using the most secure internet technology) so that you have a separate backup in case of disaster. If you choose, we can deliver your copies of your tax returns and documents to you as well using our secure portal if you choose to go completely paperless. Of course, if you use this system, we also recommend saving a copy on your local computer so there are redundant back-ups (always recommended when going totally paperless.)